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mixed messages

Mixed MESSages

New Theater in the Wake of a Global Pandemic

Mixing of words, performance styles, and human interaction in the wake of a global pandemic. After months of working alone, we are trying to remember how to work together.

Presented through theater, movement, video. 

November, 2021

WCR Center for the Arts

New theater, created and performed by: 

  • Craig Dodge
  • Bradley Gale
  • Erick M. Goldsmith
  • Joel Richard Gori
  • Vicki Haller Graff
  • Emily Hannon
  • Chris Heslop
  • David A. Nice
  • Arielle Ridley
  • Adam Richter
  • Sean Sassaman
  • Jessica C. Warchal-King
  • Amy Young

love is afoot

Love is Afoot

Film Script Reading in Partnership with the ReadingFilmFest

“Imagine if “Singing In The Rain” had been done by John Waters.” 

ReadingFilmFEST screenplay contest winner!  

The hilarious musical screenplay, Love is Afoot! was written by the comedy team of Perry Sachs (Happy Madison, Jim Henson, SNL), and ubiquitous Michael LaFata.

Michael (LaFata) Lacey is a Reading, PA, native and will be here in-person for the Script Reading. Produced in partnership with Santo D. Marabella and the Reading Film FEST. Presented by West Reading. 

Sunday, October 3 2021

Sacred Heart School

New theater, created and performed by: 

Cast and Crew: 

  • Griffin Cook
  • Brad Gale
  • joel Richard Gori
  • Daniel Graf
  • Vicki Haller Graff
  • Emily Hannon
  • Kirk Lawrence-Howard
  • Joel Lesher
  • Megan Rose

In Nature's Studio

In Nature’s Studio

Reading Theater Project returned to live, in person performance the summer of 2021 as the benches throughout the Arboretum at the Reading Public Museum become micro-stages for actors, dancers, and musicians. 

We could not create and share this new work without the generous support of

  • EnerSys
  • Reading Musical Foundation
  • Tompkins VIST Bank
  • JCWK Dance Lab
  • Daily Loaf Bakery

Sunday, July 25 2021

Reading Public Museum Arboretum

This production was coordinated by Jewell A. Brown, Vicki Haller Graff, and Sean Sassaman.

Pagoda hat and photography by Fadi Acra.

Cast and Crew

  • Ryan Cassidy and Kathryn Pedersen
  • Brad Gale
  • Kath Godwin
  • Joel Gori
  • Christopher Paul Paolini
  • Adam Richter
  • Megan Rose
  • Amy J. Young

Live Music

  • Chris Heslop with Chip Breaux, Penn Hoffert, Kevin MacConnell, & Noah Wills
  • Jill Haley with Dana Cullen


  • Richie Maldonado
  • Arielle Ridley
  • Jessica C. Warchal-King

Performance Art

  • Andrew and Nadia Pochan