5-Minute Fringe 2021

5-minute fringe

Reading Theater Project’s 5-Minute Fringe Festival is a platform for performing artists to

create something new,

to challenge expectations,

to experiment and explore new ideas,

and to connect with an artistic community.


Performing artists are invited to submit an original performance piece for our 6th Annual 5-Minute Fringe Festival. This year’s theme is “Adaptations” and the Festival will be recorded and shared online in February 2021.  All submissions should connect to the theme, though the connection doesn’t need to be explicit or literal. There is no fee to submit.


Performance pieces can include elements of theater, dance, music, poetry, magic, drag, and more.  We encourage you to challenge the limitations of virtual performance to find new ways to connect with the audience or to collaborate with fellow artists.  You may work independently or with other artists.  The focus is not on the technology but on the material and the performers.  Aim for 5 minutes; no more than 8 minutes total. If using copyrighted work, you are responsible for obtaining the license to use the work.


First time writing or creating your own work? Experienced writer or creator?  All are welcome to apply.  We will support your artistic process and help make your work the best it can be.


Playwrights, please note: If you are interested in a reading of your new play, please learn more about our Play Reading Series or Reading Reading on BCTV here. In the past, we have accepted short new plays for Fringe, but cannot this year – all submissions must be performances. 


The 2021 5-Minute Fringe will be virtual, pre-recorded performances shared online in February 2021, with different pieces shared each night. Each night of the virtual performance will be followed by a Zoom talkback with the Fringe team and the audience. 


Fringe will be free to the public and remain online following the public performances. 


Please read below for the timeline, expectations, and requirements: 

  1. Submissions will be accepted from 11/21 to 12/14. Late submissions will not be accepted.  Submissions must include:  
    1. Name of participant(s)
    2. Title or Working Title
    3. Performance Genre(s)
    4. Script or outline
    5. Headshot or photo and resume or information about your theater experience
  2. Selection – The selection committee is made of past Fringe participants.  Final selections will be announced on Monday, 12/21.
  3. Development/Rehearsals – Development and rehearsing takes place during Creative Labs, when participants share their work with the group to get focused feedback to move their work forward. We will schedule at least four virtual Labs; all Fringe participants must attend at least one virtual lab. The Creative Labs of Fringe have been the best part of the Fringe process for many people, and we will work to make sure that happens this year too.  
  4. Recording/Submitting – All pieces should be approximately 5 minutes long and no longer than 8 minutes in length. No exceptions. 
  5. Editing – Video and all related materials and information must be submitted to RTP by February 1. 
  6. Tentative Public Sharing/Performance/Discussion – Saturdays, 2/20, 2/27, 3/6, 2021 (these dates may change)