5-Minute Fringe 2021

5-Minute Fringe 2021 – Adaptations

Virtual performances shared online

7pm each night

Each night of the virtual performance will showcase different performances and will be followed by a Zoom talkback. Fringe will be free to the public and remain online (YouTube and Facebook) following the public performances. Highlights will be aired locally on BCTV following the premiere. 

Reading Theater Project’s 5-Minute Fringe Festival is a platform for performing artists to create something new, to challenge expectations, to experiment and explore new ideas, and to connect with an artistic community.

Performance pieces will include elements of theater, dance, music, poetry, and more. Performing artists are encouraged to challenge the limitations of virtual performance to find new ways to connect with the audience or to collaborate with fellow artists. As always, the focus is not on the technology but on the material and the performers.

Performers include Margot Adams, Rachel Ellis Adams, Meghan Austin, Sean Begane, Bayley Brown, Griffin Cook, Jimmy Damore, Sean Davis, Angie Ezell, Jeanette Fotis, Nicole A. Gallagher, Kath Godwin, Joel Gori, Emily Hannon, Taylor Clark Housel, Nickalus Madigan, Ariel Mejia, Bree Ogaldez, Adam Richter, Jaylyn Rodriguez, Megan Rose, Sean Sassaman, Elaine Soltis, Nick Squeri, Jessica C. Warchal-King, Caitlin Whelan, and Griffin Yeyna. The 5-Minute Fringe is directed by Vicki Haller Graff and stage managed by Jewell A. Brown and Gabriela Marie.