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By joining with these donors, you contribute to creating new, locally focused, professional theater. Thank you!

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Please mail your tax-deductible donation, with your check made out to “Reading Theater Project” to:

Reading Theater Project | PO Box 6712 | Reading PA 19610

We cannot make theater without the support of our community of donors. We are so grateful to all who have donated to the Reading Theater Project, especially through the pandemic. 

Donors with a * have donated multiple years. Please join us as we thank donors from 2020 through 2022: 


Berks Arts*, Berks County Community Foundation*, Berks Products, Catherine Hannon, Pennsylvania Council on the Arts*, Reading Musical Foundation*


Bradley Gale*, Barbara and Brad Hall*, Jen and Steve Reimer*, Sara and Adam Smith*, Elaine and Ed Soltis*


Elizabeth Clark*, Julie Gabriel and Don Fox*, Kath Godwin*, Judith Kraines and Neil Hoffman*, Jane and Kyle Ney, Martha Richardson and Barry Kyper*, Barbara and David Thun*, Sidney B. Watts*, Mark Woodward*


Suzanne Cody, Chrissy Cook/ MADE Jewelry Boutique, Maria Damore*, John and Vicky Friedmann*, Vicki Haller Graff*, Dale Gresh*, Nancy Knoblauch*, Caroline Lash, Santo Marabella*, Haia and Meir Mazuz*, Adam Richter*, 

The Sassaman Family, Virginia Scheidt*

(Up to $100)

Fadi Acra, Anna Schiffler/Daily Loaf Bakery, Carol Austin, Susan Baer, Susan Behm*, Kathleen Bohn, Todd Carpien, Esther Finkelstein, David E. Guest, Nancy and Richard Haller, Amy Hudak, Joan Lincoln, Scott Lum, Eric J. Miller, Penny Miller, Randall and Kathy Miller, Phyllis Moser, David Nice, Susan and Poncho Peña*, Misha R’Kingsley, Pam and Dennis Roule*, Nick Squeri, Bridget Steuer, Jacqueline Trate*, Unique Pretzel Bakery, Ralia Vardaxis, Caitlin Whelan/Lightning Rod Reiki, Winifred Woll, Ying Yeoh, Phil Yoder and Stef Brok*

The Reading Theater Project receives state arts funding support through a grant from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, a state agency funded by the Commonwealth..  

We also appreciate everyone who uses AmazonSmile to donate and those who use their birthday to fundraise for us on Facebook.