Adaptations: an online theater experiment

Adaptations: an online theater experiment

Reading Theater Project has announced their first online theater experiment, Adaptations. Short, solo performances will be pre-recorded and shared online for audiences to watch from home beginning Saturday, July 25, at 7pm.

This online theater experiment will be free to all, though donations are welcome. Audience registration is recommended at

“Theater depends on actors and audience sharing space, and we aren’t comfortable with that right now. So we came up with this online experiment, which fulfills our mission of creating original theater and creates a space where we can adapt our creative process,” said Artistic Director Vicki Haller Graff.

Performer and company member Kath Godwin had the initial idea to create an online dance to a composition by Music Director Chris Heslop. After Godwin’s first recording, Heslop wrote three more compositions, and the company invited other performing artists to join the project.

“Each song was a result of my own adaptation: not having anyone available to play my compositions in person. From there, I experimented with tempo changes, subtractive composition, and extreme-range counterpoint,” said composer and Music Director Chris Heslop.