5-Minute Fringe Festival: Shadows Production Site

Important Reminders

  • STRIKE TODAY! Strike is when we clean up and clean out the theater at the end of our production. Please remove your personal items from the dressing rooms and theater (you can move them to your car or place them in a neat pile in the gallery. Then report to the theater to find out what you need to do to help with strike. It should not take long. Pizza will follow (let Vicki know if you are gluten or dairy free.
  • Please complete this survey about your experience working on Fringe.
  • We will meet at the Yocum Institute (3000 Penn Ave., West Lawn) going forward. On Tuesday, please come to the Schumo Theatre, the black box theater in the building.
  • Please remember that we are guests at Yocum and that we should be respectful of the space. We’ll go over the important locations in the building so that everyone knows where we belong. We are allowed to leave any costumes, props, and set pieces at Yocum as long as they are kept to the theater or the dressing rooms. 


Tech Rehearsal – Tuesday, February 14, 6pm doors open, 6:30pm start time @ Yocum Institute

Dress Rehearsal – Wednesday, February 15, 6pm doors open, 6:30pm start @ Yocum Institute

Performance! Thursday, February 16, 6:30pm doors open, 7pm call, 8pm Showtime! @ Yocum Institute

Performance! Friday, February 17, 6:30pm doors open, 7pm call, 8pm Showtime! @ Yocum Institute

Performance! Saturday, February 18, 6:30pm doors open, 7pm call, 8pm Showtime! @ Yocum Institute

Performance! Sunday, February 19, 12:30pm doors open, 1pm call, 2pm Showtime!

Strike – Sunday, February 19, immediately following the performance

REMINDER: We will have a facilitated talk back with the audience after each performance. Everyone is welcome to stay, but no one is required.

ORDER of performance

  • TdOiGsEaTrHrEaRy Developed by Chris Heslop
  • You Don’t Own My Soul Anymore Written by Adam Richter
  • Incantations Written and performed by Elaine Soltis
  • The Bayou Composed by Martin Bonk
  • In the Shadow of Two Elephants Written and directed by Michael Malfaro
  • Peter Pan Goes Over the Rainbow: Part IV Written and performed by Christopher Paul Paolini
  • EreBUS Written and performed by Kayla Re Laucks
  • Seed of Life Written by David Nice
  • The Fallen City by Andy Roberts
  • Seeking by JCWK Dance Lab

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Rehearsal and Performance Location Information

Tech rehearsals and our performances will be at the Yocum Institute for Arts Education, located at 3000 Penn Ave., West Lawn, PA 19609. Free parking is available on site, and performer parking is in the lower lot. No passes are needed.