Monologue Project

kath godwin

COVID-19 sucks. It’s is isolating us from each other, making our loved one sick or worse.

Some people are stuck, watching TV or movies at home and eating cookies (raises hand) and some people need projects to fill the time and the mind (raises other hand).

Last week, writers wrote and submitted monologues (having nothing to do with Coronavirus). This week, we invite actors to record themselves performing to share on social media.

Here’s how to participate:

1) Read these monologues. Choose one that speaks to you or that presents a good challenge.

2) Work on it and then record yourself performing. Be creative, be wild, be resourceful. Use that selfie stick or a housemate to film. Put together a costume, find an interesting location in your house or yard, you get the idea.

3) Deadline to submit is next Monday, April 6, 9am. You can submit in two ways – email the video file to or upload it to youtube and email the link. Need help? Just ask.

4) Next step: We will put all of the videos on youtube and make a playlist to share.

** This is your chance to be wildly creative, break all of your rules and conventions, do something you never thought you could do. **

This is the first of many (though hopefully not too many) home-based creative projects. Anyone, anywhere in the world can participate.

Experienced actors and never-before actors are all encouraged to submit.

Any questions, please ask!