Sean Sassaman

Sean Sassaman

Each month, Reading Theater Project will spotlight an artist who works with us. This month, we’re featuring Sean Sassaman, stage manager of this year’s Five-Minute Fringe Festival. 

What is your role with Reading Theater Project?

A: I have worked primarily as a Stage Manager and Director with Reading Theater Project since 2017. In 2021, I joined the Creative Team.

What is your theater background?

A: I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Theater and Arts Administration from Albright College in 2016. During my time at Albright, I was a member of the Domino Players and during my senior year, acted as President. I was also a member of the Less Than or Equal To Improv group. 

What are you working on now?

A: Currently, Reading Theater Project’s 5-Minute Fringe: Shadows. 

What is your favorite RTP project and why?

A: I always enjoy the Fringe  every year. It truly feels like the epitome of a collaborative process where everyone involved can help each other think of theater in ways that they might not have otherwise. It is always incredible to see what happens when artists who typically work in a variety of different forms come together to create a live, theatrical experience. 

What do you enjoy about working with RTP?

A: Reading Theater Project encourages personal and professional growth in a way that’s unlike any other. They encourage taking a risk and stepping outside of your comfort zone by giving you not only the opportunity to do so, but by giving you the resources to help you succeed. 

What is your dream theatrical gig? 

A: You’re asking me to choose ONE!? The dream that I’ve had the longest has been to be involved in a production of Moisés Kaufman’s The Laramie Project with a cast and crew consisting entirely of LGBTQIA+ individuals. To tell important stories that will inspire artists and audiences to change the world for the better, that’s what theater is about.