Artist spotlight: Andrea Hart

Artist spotlight: Andrea Hart

Playwright Andrea Hart is this month’s Reading Theater Project featured artist. Her play “They Say: A Love Story” is the next play in our “Shadows From The Past” reading series.

What is your role with Reading Theater Project?

A: I am a creative team member, and I’ve directed and performed with RTP. 

What is your theater background?

A: I have an MFA in Creative Writing (Playwriting) and an MA in Theater. I consider myself a theater maker because I love and participate in most aspects of the theater. I direct, dramaturg, perform, design lights, create soundscapes, make scenic art, and teach. I love the language and structure of stories, and I love watching ideas come to life! 

What are you working on now?

A: Right now, I’m obsessed with retellings of Greek myths, and I’m conducting research on Medusa and hope to convert that into a theater piece soon. I’m also preparing to direct Yocum’s summer camp musical – Spongebob! I feel very fortunate to get the opportunity to work on a lot of diverse projects. 

What is your favorite RTP project and why?

A: I love “In Nature’s Studio.” I love the idea of bringing theater to the people. 

What do you enjoy about working with RTP?

A: I love the sense of ensemble. All the people I’ve worked with RTP love telling stories and they love collaboration! Whenever I’m working on an RTP project, I’m struck by the amount of joy in the room. 

What is your dream theatrical gig? 

A: Working at the National Theatre? On a Jane Austen adaptation? That would be pretty rad.

Andrea’s play “They Say: A Love Story” will be performed in a public reading at 7 p.m. Thursday, June 15, at the GoggleWorks Center for the Arts, 201 Washington St., Reading. Tickets are pay-what-you-will, with a suggested donation of $10 and a pay-it-forward suggested donation of $20.